Friday, January 8, 2021

Play Brainvita on Parlor Games

Now you can play Brainvita on Parlor Games. This single player game is also known as a Peg Solitaire. You start with a 33 peg grid (see below) with all but the center hole filled with marbles. In each move, the player jumps one marble over another to land on an empty peg, removing the marble that is jumped over from the board. You can only jump up, down, left or right. Diagonal jumps are not allowed. The game ends when there are no moves possible. The lower the number of marbles that are left on the board, the better your score.

Brainvita starting board position

While it is easy to finish with 3-4 marbles, it is much harder to end up with just 2, or one! If you are having trouble figuring out how, start from the empty board position and click on the computer icon below the board to have the computer play the entire game!  

If you have made some moves, and are wondering which move will work best, click on the hint (light bulb) icon to have the computer make a single move. The computer uses brute-force to attempt the solution (within a time constraint) so depending upon the board position, it may not always end up with the best answer. See here for additional information.

Happy puzzle solving!

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